Boiling-water tap to combine with any mixer tap

The Nordic Single Tap is a boiling-water tap that only dispenses boiling water. You can have it installed on your work surface, alongside your existing kitchen tap. You then have two different taps: a separate Quooker tap from which you can tap boiling water and a normal mixer tap for hot and cold water. Also available with a straight spout.

Nordic Round single tap

  • Keep your existing kitchen tap
  • Height of boiling-water tap can be adjusted
  • 1475

Available in:

  • stainless steel
  • polished chrome

What makes the Nordic Single tap unique

A separate tap for boiling water

The ideal solution if you are looking for a matching, separate boiling-water tap to install alongside a mixer tap.

What makes the Nordic Single tap unique

The height of the boiling-water tap can be adjusted

The height of the boiling-water tap can be adjusted so that you can easily fill a pan or cup without splashing.

The Quooker of

Pasta, rice, potatoes, couscous. If something has to be boiled, we use the Quooker.


The 5 most frequent FAQs about Nordic Round single tap

  • What is the Quooker’s daily energy consumption?

    When on standby, a Quooker costs 3 pence a day.

  • Can Quookers be installed in any kitchen?

    Quookers can be fitted into new kitchens and also retrofitted into existing ones. To install a Quooker, all that is required is space for the tank, a 13 amp power socket, access to waste pipe and a cold water supply underneath the work surface within 500mm. A minimum incoming cold water pressure of 2 bar is required.

    Space requirements:

    The Quooker PRO3 tank requires 400mm of height space and is 150mm in diameter. The Quooker PRO3E tank requires 450mm of height space and is 150mm in diameter. The Quooker PRO7 and Combi 2.2 tanks require 470mm of height space and are 200mm in diameter. The Quooker PRO7E and Combi 2.2E tanks require 520mm of height space and are 200mm in diameter.

  • Does Quooker provide filtered cold water?

    The Cold Water Filter has been designed to allow you to quickly switch from tap water to cold filtered water. Any new Fusion or Flex will now be able to supply cold filtered water via a single push and turn which when engaged will light the tap ring blue. The water passes through an activated-carbon filter which ensures the water tastes and smells better.

    With the new CUBE, you can now also dispense sparkling and chilled water from the Quooker tap. Click here to read more.

  • Can I install my Quooker myself?

    The Quooker is delivered with installation materials and a clear manual. Follow this carefully for instructions on how to correctly install your Quooker. 

    The installation guides for all of our tanks and taps can be found here. We also offer instruction videos in which we explain step by step how to install our products. Please ensure you are referring to the guide for the correct tank type. Note that there are two guides for each tank - the standard tank for our standard range of taps and the E tank for use with the Nordic and Fusion range of taps.



  • Where can I buy a Quooker?

    If you are purchasing a new kitchen, you can ask your kitchen supplier to order the Quooker for you or you can use the "Find a dealer" section at the top of our website to find a dealer near you. 

    If you are looking to retro fit a Quooker, you can order directly from us via the "Shop" section on our website or by contacting us on 0161 768 59 00 

  • stainless steel
  • polished chrome

Discover which Nordic Single tap suits you best

The Single tap is available in several different finishes and can be combined with any tank. Discover which set suits you best.