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A Quooker is energy efficient

Anyone who needs boiling water several times a day will not use more energy with a Quooker than with a kettle. Our secret is tucked under the sink. Let us explain.

A Quooker consists of two parts: a boiling-water tap on top of the worktop and a small tank under it, in which the water is stored under pressure. This tank is a kind of thermos flask that’s connected to the water mains. Thanks to the high-vacuum insulation, the heat can’t escape. That means that only very little energy (10 watts) is required to keep the water in the tank at boiling point. When you pour boiling water from the tap, fresh water immediately runs into the tank under the worktop. So all you have to do is top up the tank and reheat what you’ve effectively used.

You can choose from a number of different tanks. They’re extremely economical thanks to their excellent insulation. Our COMBI tank even has Energy label A. It not only supplies boiling water, but also hot and cold water (40-60° C). When you use it as a kitchen boiler, you’ll never have to wait for hot water again! Read more about the energy label.

The Quooker of

'If we were to use hot water from our central heating cylinder, it would first have to travel fifteen metres through the house, so we’d lose a huge amount of heat and water. That’s why we use only cold water from the water mains. For warm and boiling water, we have our Quooker COMBI.'