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The Quooker of Jamie and Andrea

Functionality, design and elegance: that is what kitchen designers Jamie and Andrea Ellis-Titlarks had in mind while designing their own kitchen. To them, the Quooker Flex ticks all three boxes. ‘I think it’s fair to say we can’t live without it anymore.’

When Jamie Ellis and his wife Andrea saw their  beautiful new home in the rural area of Nottinghamshire for the first time, they knew immediately how their new kitchen should look like. ‘Of course we did’, laughs Jamie. ‘A kitchen makes a house a home. It’s where we spend a lot of quality time, so we want a kitchen to suit our taste and our lives.’ ‘We wanted to go for a sleek and stylish look’, adds Andrea. ‘I love the contrast between the marble and the dark coloured wood. It’s very elegant. And we love the garden view, of course. Every morning I make myself a cup of tea, take a deep breath and stare out of the window for a while. After that, I feel relaxed and focused at the same time: perfect to start my day.’

But apart from design and view, functionality is just as important in the kitchen. ‘And to us, the Quooker is a textbook example when it comes to that’, says Jamie. ‘It was without question that our new perfect kitchen needed a Quooker.’

The couple chose the latest addition to the Quooker collection: the Quooker Flex. A boiling-water tap, but  with a flexible pull out hose for hot, cold and filtered cold water.

Are you satisfied with the Quooker Flex?

Andrea: ‘Oh yes, very! It’s so easy to use. And very safe too: because of the pull out hose it is impossible to switch on the boiling water function by accident. That gives peace of mind, especially since we have a 2,5 year old son, Max, running around the house. It will take some more years until we trust Max with the boiling water.’ Jamie: ‘I love the fact that it’s a all-in-one-solution for  hot, cold, boiling and filtered water. One tap to rule them all!’

What do you use the Quooker for on a typical day?

Jamie: ‘We start with our cups of tea in the morning, of course. Then we use the Quooker for sterilizing Max’ bottles. Very efficient and so quick.’

Andrea: ‘For supper we use our Quooker for pasta, rice, noodles, soup and vegetables. Or, like we did today, for an Asian afternoon supper. The sushi rice was quick and easy to make. And delicious too. I’ll definitely make it again; we’re big fans of Asian cuisine. I like to try out new recipes, now more than ever. That’s what a new kitchen is for, right?’

What do you think about the filtered cold water function?

Jamie: ‘An amazing invention. The water is hard in this area, so we really need a water filter to take away the metallic taste. Before we had the Quooker Flex we used a separate water filter.’

Andrea: ‘We also bought a lot of mineral water. There were always plastic bottles on our worktop. Not anymore. Everything looks neat and clean, because it’s all built in the Quooker. It saves us a lot of money. And a lot of effort too.’

Are there any other advantages of the Quooker?

Andrea: ‘Yes: the Quooker is more economical than a kettle. We don’t have a higher water bill. In fact, we are paying less now.’

Jamie: ‘But above all the Quooker is a huge time saver. If family or friends come over, we make everyone tea in seconds. We have more time to sit, relax and enjoy our conversations. That’s really something we notice.’ Andrea: ‘It sounds strange, but I now realise how much time we used to waste while waiting for water to boil. So yes, I have to admit: the Quooker made me somewhat spoilt. When we moved houses the kitchen wasn’t ready

yet, so we had to live without a Quooker for a short period of time. It was horrible! The waste of all those plastic  water bottles, the waiting... I’m not used to it anymore!

Even when we are on holiday I miss my Quooker.’

Jamie: ‘I think it is fair to say that we can’t live without our Quooker anymore. Isn’t it?’

Andrea: ‘Oh yes, it is. Definitely.’