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Cookie Policy

Last amended on 30 July 2019

Because we care about your privacy, and also want to make our website as user-friendly as possible for you, we believe it is important that you know how and why we use cookies. Below we will explain what cookies are, what cookies we use, what we use cookies for, and how you can manage your cookie settings. If you have any questions after reading this document, our customer service will be happy to help you.

What are cookies?

Cookies and similar techniques

Cookies are small, simple text files stored by your computer or mobile device when you use our website. In addition to cookies, we use similar techniques, such as web beacons. Web beacons are very similar to cookies. Web beacons are just not small text files but small graphic images that are not visible on a web page.

Using both techniques, we collect information about our website visitors. The Quooker website also contains web beacons and cookies of third parties. We recommend that you also read the privacy and cookie policies of these third parties.

Which cookies does Quooker use?

We use cookies and similar techniques for different reasons. Each type of cookie has a different retention period. We use cookies that store information during your session, cookies that store information for a few months or that store information for a longer period of time. Cookies are divided into three groups, which we will explain in more detail below.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies allow you to visit the website and use certain basic functions of the website, such as placing an order in your shopping basket. We do not require (prior) consent for the placement of necessary cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure that the website is better adjusted to your preferences. Thanks to these cookies, your preferences are remembered, so that you do not need to enter them time and again. They also store your browser settings, so that you can view our website optimally on your screen. In addition, these cookies ensure that our website is easily accessible and functions optimally by ensuring an even load on our website. We do not require (prior) consent for the placement of functional cookies.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies, with the help of third parties, to investigate the use of the website. Using statistics, this gives us insight into how many visitors we have to our website and how we can improve it.

These cookies store information such as the type of browser you use, the type of device you use, the page from which you arrive on our website, how long you are on our website and which pages you visit on our website. We use Google Analytics, Hotjar and Zopim.

We do not require (prior) consent for the placement of anonymous Google Analytics cookies. Other analytical cookies and non-anonymised Google Analytics cookies will only be placed after we have received your permission to do so.

Marketing cookies

With the help of third parties, we also place cookies on our website for marketing purposes. The information we receive from these cookies enables us to show you relevant advertisements, for example on third party websites.

To ensure that we can keep these ads relevant, marketing cookies record for example how many times you have seen an ad so that we can prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again. It also allows us to keep track of whether you click on our advertisements and combine your online browsing, searching and clicking behaviour on different devices. We use Facebook, Twitter, Doubleclick, Adform and Adnxs. We will only place marketing cookies after we have received your permission to do so.

Cookie settings

On your first visit to our website, we ask you for permission to place cookies. If you wish to revoke your permission, this is possible. If you revoke this permission, some functions or pages of our website may no longer work properly. Please note that withdrawing permission does not mean that you will see fewer advertisements. The advertisements will no longer be adjusted to your interests and will be repeated more often, but the quantity will remain the same.

If you do not want websites to store cookies on your computer, you can change your browser settings. You will always receive a warning before cookies are placed and you can adjust your settings to ensure that all cookies or only third party cookies are blocked. You can also delete all previously placed cookies in your browser settings. Please note that you must change these settings for each browser and for each device separately.

Quooker's privacy policy

As set out above, we sometimes store personal data by using cookies. If you would like to know more about how Quooker treats this data, please read our privacy policy.

Any questions?

We amend our cookie policy when the cookies on our website or the rules regarding cookies change. The current version of our cookie policy can be found on our website by clicking on 'cookies'.

If you have any questions after reading this cookie policy, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you.