The whole idea of the Quooker is based on ease of use. And whether you're an enthusiastic amateur chef or prefer to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, who doesn’t welcome things that make our lives that much easier? You can serve these meals really quickly. 

Verbena apricots with vanilla honey yogurt and cantuccini

Prepare verbena tea to soak apricots in. You can do it without a Quooker, but with a Quooker it goes much faster!

Croissant with poached egg, crayfish and dill Hollandaise sauce

Breakfast is served in no time. With the boiling water from the Quooker, the poaching of eggs and the au bain-marie preparation of the hollandaise sauce is even easier.

Grilled vegetables with feta & tabbouleh

Your bulgur will be cooked in no time with boiling water from the Quooker. And the tap’s flexible pull-out hose is extremely handy for swiftly rinsing vegetable bits from the (barbecue) grill, giving you more time to enjoy the fine weather!

Red onion and fig chutney

The recipe for this delicious fig chutney was developed in cooperation with Jamie Magazine. Serve this fig chutney on toast with a fine piece of cheese. It is ready in 45 minutes, but if you have a Quooker it can be done in 35.