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Assistance during registration

Do you want to register your Quooker system? Then you’ll need create an account in My Quooker first. Next, go to the ‘My Products’ option to add all your Quooker products.

If you see an error message when you try to register your Quooker system, there are several reasons for this. We recommend to check the details below are correct:

Address information is not validated
Please make sure you have entered your postal code correctly. Once you have filled this in, select your address by clicking on the name of the street. 

The serial number of the reservoir is not accepted
During the registration process we will ask you for the serial number of your cylinder shaped boiling water tank. This number starts with VCW, CPW, CCW or VBW followed by several numbers. You will find the serial number on a label on the side of the reservoir or in the documentation supplied. 

The serial number is already in our system
If you see this message, your serial number is already in our system. Perhaps another family member, previous resident or a service technician has already registered your serial number. 

Tap type is not recognised
Can't find your tap type? Then select one of the other taps that you can see and complete your registration. Then send us an email so our service department can manually change your tap in our system.

CUBE serial number is not correct
The unique serial number of your CUBE starts with CUB, CDU, CDUA, CDUB or QCB followed by several numbers. Make sure you do not use any spaces when you enter this serial number during registration. 

Do you have any questions about your registration or do you need assistance? Then send an email with your contact details and the serial numbers of your Quooker products to

What is the advantage of registering your Quooker system?

You automatically receive a 2 year warranty on your Quooker system. Once you have registered all the products correctly, you will always have a complete overview handy. Only our service department has access to this information. If you have any questions for our service department in the future, they can use the data to quickly respond.