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We dropped by our customers at home for a cup of tea (and coffee!) to find out what role their Quooker plays in their daily lives.

Our customers tell the varied tale of the Quooker. How it makes their lives easy by dispensing instant boiling water at any moment of the day. How they use it to make a quick meal or how useful it is when using more ingenious cooking techniques. Be inspired by these users and discover the convenience of having boiling water straight from the tap.

Tom Howley

A cup of tea in the morning, a salad with freshly blanched vegetables for lunch, a quick pasta supper on the go: Tom Howley and his family can't imagine not having a Quooker. Not anymore. 'It truly makes your life easier.'

Jamie and Andrea

Functionality, design and elegance: that is what kitchen designers Jamie and Andrea Ellis-Titlarks had in mind while designing their own kitchen. To them, the Quooker Flex ticks all three boxes: 'I think it's fair to say we can't live without it anymore.'

Chris and Marieke

Chris van Dijk and Marieke Zweers converted an old garage into a stylish home, with plenty of space for their two boys Calle and Mika. During the renovation, their main focus was on sustainability. It was obvious that they needed a Quooker.

Edo and Paola

Two busy jobs and a new house that still needs some work. Paola and Edo van Tilborgh have more interesting things to do than stand in the kitchen for hours. Their Quooker and a food box subscription are the solution.