Upgrade your current Quooker

As a loyal customer, we are offering you the chance to upgrade your system a very special and limited time offer.

Benefits of this upgrade:

  • Intergrade cold, hot and boiling into one tap
  • With the new CUBE, you can now also dispense sparkling and chilled water
  • A flexible pull out hose
  • Added safety features


Quooker‘s story started in 1970. Rotterdam-born Founder Henri Peteri was working at Unilever in the 1970s as part of the development team that invented instant soup. He believed that waiting for the kettle to boil meant that the soup was not truly instant. Born from his exasperation of waiting was the germ of an idea, instant boiling water, on tap. Peteri left Unilever and worked tirelessly in his basement to engineer a tap that could dispense instant, true 100ºC water. Yet it wasn’t until the early 1990s that he first Quooker tap was ready to be commercially launched in the Netherlands. Now, Quooker produces over 200,000 Quookers a year, there are over 1 million in use throughout Europe and the UK. The Peteri brothers always aimed to produce the most sustainable, energy-efficient and high-quality product with innovation at the heart of the company.

After a long lead-up, we launched our first all-in-one tap in 2012 – The Fusion. Because we had to work hard to dispel the idea that boiling water straight from the tap could be unsafe, we were hesitant to ­develop an ‘all-in-one tap’. Fast forward to today and Quooker has two 3-in-1 taps: the Fusion and the Flex. Both models deliver cold, hot and boiling water whenever you want. If you go for a Flex, it has a flexible pull out hose for hot and cold water, for extra reach in the sink. 

You can now integrate filtered water or chilled and sparkling water too, all from the same tap. There are six options in all: chrome, stainless steel, black, gold and patinated brass.  But not every finish is available for each tap.

With the new CUBE, you can now also dispense sparkling and chilled water from the Quooker tap. This means you no longer have to buy water in plastic bottles. To obtain sparkling water, a Quooker COcylinder must be connected to the CUBE.

With our virtual appointment service we will be able to guide you through our full collection and answer all your questions. Our Quooker Team is happy to help!